Sunday, 20 April 2014

Something completely different - Nuclear Renaissance gang Leader.

Having totally failed in completing any of my self appointed painting goals...
 (I'm conveniently blaming the somewhat underwhelming astra militarum codex for not inspiring me to paint up guardsmen )... I decided to finish up a random post apocalyptic mini I've had part painted for ages.

Sold by EM4 miniatures as 'gentleman scavenger with stun'brella in tattered morning suit' he's also armed with a holstered pistol and hand grenade.

I'd admired this little guy over the internet for a couple of years before picking one up on a whim, he's a great sculpt that could fit into a number of genres/eras from zombies to fallout and is packed with little details that would really reward a better painter. My only, slightly petty complaint is that he's a little on the small side, more 25mm than 28mm.

 In my opinion he definitely has a real british caricature about him with the bowler and umbrella; like something out of doomwatch or quatermass (no I'm not that old, I just like bad old tv!)

Paint job is very simple - adeptus battle grey and codex grey for the suit and umbrella, elf flesh for a pale, unhealthy pallor, details on the backpack were picked out in a variety of random shades in an attempt to recreate a rag tag scavenger appearance, albeit one with a certain raffish class.

This chap is the first tentative step towards a gang for the skirmish game 'Nuclear Renaissance' by ramshackle games, it's a free pdf from their website, so download it and have a peek, anyone with a dozen random miniatures can pick it up and play a game. It's a bit like a slightly goofy remix of gorkamorka, it's great fun and well worth a go with a couple of mates or down at your gaming group, it's well worth noting that your gang could consist of only a single mini (although he'd / she'd / it'd be one scary Death Star mother!) so no need for a massive outlay to start a new system!

Ramshackle do some awesome looking and pretty cheap stuff including cool looking vehicles as well (although I've not bought owt from them yet, so I can't vouch for quality)

It was also really nice to paint up something different than GW products/systems for once.... To coin a 'car' term I've always been very OE Games workshop throughout my hobby days but the fast, loose, random and freewheeling nature of Nuclear renaissance is really drawing me in along with the limited number of miniatures needed to play.

I'm thinking of this chap as an educated, raffish, ruthless, silver tongued rad-age businessman with a crew of fearsome well paid muscle. Their business is business, although they specialise in the discovery/recovery (or just plain old acquisition by violent means) of rare and valuable items, often priceless relics of the pre apocalypse, for an indecent profit margin.

Dr Rupert Botherington-Smedley.
CEO, B.S Excavation & Acquisition.
Archeologist. Adventurer. Mercenary. Bounder.