Friday, 19 July 2013

More Inq28 - Libricar goons.

I felt my little libricar posse could do with a couple of members who could be classified as disposable pawns.
After a bit of digging around in the bits box I came up with these two chaps
Barba Sog, licenced bounty killer, and a 'Macharian cult' vigilante martyr.

Barba Sog is basically just a kitbashed imperial guardsman, I added a few cables to his head and to the scopes to make it look like he has a direct feed from his longlas to his optic augmetics. The loincloth is from the space marine company champion. I think the throwing knives are a skaven bit, and the top hat tucked into his belt was recycled from the malifaux mercenary I used for Chastiner Jodel.

Next up is a fanatic archetype, armed with a sickle, several hand grenades, and a pair of saintly golden masks.
The body is a brettonnian peasant bowman, the head is a chimera drivers with part of an iron halo added, both masks were made from slicing the faces off a pair of unfortunate dark eldar. His sickle arm is from an old plastic lizarsman. I might go back and replace the hand holding a frag grenade as it looks far too small and vestigial in comparison.
I also chopped off the pointy peasant shoes and swapped them for a pair of guard issue boots, both to add a little height and change the general posing. I think the bovver boots also help grimdark him up a bit.

Both of these are pretty 'quick and dirty' kitbashes to pad out the warband, after all you cant send the boss out on every recce or whack-job.

Needless to say, Having heard the inquisimunda flavoured rumours popping up on faeit 212 the last couple of days, my breath is well and truly baited!