Monday, 27 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Growing the Gangcults #3 - the Couriers WIP

"No, we're good, we bang it!" - Imperator Furiosa...

The Couriers are a group of post apocalyptic hauliers and mercenaries for hire, delivering important messages and making dangerous supply runs between the remaining settlements.

So far I have completed trucker 'Stobart' and his rig, the 'Roadrunner' seen previously, plus the 'Possum', a light buggy typical of the 'Pool cars' used in fairly large numbers by the group, and finally 'Ronin', a tough, mysterious motorcycle courier on his crotch rocket 'Ninja'

The basis for the Possum buggy was another promotional kelloggs morris minor, with some very minor conversion work, the wheels were swapped out for larger ones (much larger at the back!) and some massive exhausts added to give it a pound shop hot rod feel. I also added an extra grille to toughen it up a little and some rear armour to aid in (not very) swift getaways. In game terms the possum will be a stock buggy with zero upgrades.

Ronin is another Future skirmish mini from EM4, like the police biker he's a bit of a pain to get together, but at least I didn't make quite as much of a mess on the paintjob with this guy as I did with my last bike.

The Couriers will be getting another biker, simply because I thought it was quite appropriate thematically, plus four or five crew for Possum and roadrunner.

Thanks for stopping by, any comments or suggestions much appreciated! Next up, the unscrupulous Swagmen.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Growing the Gangcults #2 - Locusts

"Be still my dog of war! l understand your pain. We've all lost someone we love. But we do it my way!" - The Humungous...

Another in a series focusing on the work in progress of the next four gangs for NR.

So far I've completed two gangs, the marauder 'Son's of simius' and the cannibal degenerates 'children of the apocalypse'

There will be three further gangs spun off the members of the 'good guys' road warrior group and this, the fourth and supposedly final gang are another group of raiders 'the locusts'.

So far we have a fast attack buggy in the form of the 'Panda Cola' fury road rip off car seen in a previous post, two gangers from the bitume future shock line, which I really love despite their dated feel, and last but not least, the Auroch, a high speed heavy truck that's basically my take on fury road's war rig if it was just a cab.

The Auroch was built from a car boot sale truck mated with the rear body of a 30's ford custom coupe, I'm quite pleased with the end result.

That's as far as I've progressed so far with this gang, coming soon... gang WIP's of the Couriers crew and the Swagmen posse. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Radioactive Ruins #3

"Our house, in the middle of our street"

- Pre war song lyric.

Last of the trio of ruins 'rendezvous'

Last photo is a group shot of all three together set up as a larger ruined building.

Thanks for visiting... more NR stuff coming soon (ish) I've actually painted my first 28mm mini for a year or so!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Radioactive Ruins #2

"He lives in a house, a very big house in the country" - Pre war song lyric.

Ruin two of three. 'Propaganda post'

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Radioactive Ruins #1

"I'll be fine, as long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine" - Pre war music lyric.

First of a trio of small ruins.

The first objective with this group was to make some bits of terrain that could be placed individually or together as parts of a single building.

The second objective was (as with all the NR scenery) that it should be free and cobbled together from what I had to hand.

Like my previous small NR terrain pieces, I used old scratched up discs for the bases. The Ruins were made from bits of polystyrene packaging, I made a crap job of sealing the polystyrene before the undercoating so I suffered a fair bit of the dreaded melt but as these are quick pieces designed to be used and abused I shrugged it off and carried on.

This first ruin is the most substantial of the three and features a lookout post bodged together from car parts and scrap metal (all those leftover bits of diecast car are really coming in handy)
There is also a grisly pile of dusty bones piled up inside, perhaps victims of the lookouts occupants?

Painting all the Graffiti was lots of fun,  although it's definitely something I need to improve on in future, by the time I'd finished all three I'd found a few simple symbols I could reproduce quicly and easily across the trio (smile faces / skulls / mushroom clouds etc) that seemed to work well to break up the scrawled writing and insults.

Thanks for stopping by! Part two of three coming soon!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Reinforcements Inbound - Warp Fiends Helbrute

It's been nearly a year since my last post.
Fatherhood, work and all other aspects of real life have conspired to push hobby time into the background.
However here I am posting and hoping to ease myself back into a little painting and modelling over the next few months.

I still have nuclear renaissance gangs to finish and the rumoured upcoming release of a chaos codex late in 2016 has given me a little kick to start work on the Warp Fiends again.

For Starters here is a dreadnought / Helbrute that I actually purchased off eBay for greggles tabletops excellent 'dreadtober' event last year.
Unfortunately he never arrived in time for me to get him painted and entered into the competition.

This old, rather awkward mini was well in need of replacement by the time the new plastic brutes arrived, although to my eyes he has a certain dated charm, perhaps coloured by a nostalgia for my younger years!

At least he's got a decent loadout with reaper autocannon and the  power scourge, plus he makes a nice mini - centerpiece for my otherwise all infantry CSM at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully less than 10 months till my next post!