Saturday, 28 September 2013

Warp Fiends CSM - Havoc squad (mk 2)

The little havoc squad I'd built as the first unit in a slaaneshi warband were, in retrospect, pretty piss poor. As far as test beds for a colour scheme went, they were ok, and I had fun making them; but as a unit they were rather ineffectual with a mix of weapon types that suited no particular role, and were quickly and badly painted and converted.

I managed to pick up some really cheap CSM reinforcements from eBay, including a set of the old metal Havoc parts consisting of an Autocannon, heavy Bolter, Lascannon and missile launcher. Now the aim is to have two havoc squads, each six strong (slaaneshe's holy number) one kitted out for anti tank with triple Lascannon and a missile launcher, and this one built for anti personnel.

An aspiring champion with a plasma pistol, a plasma gun, two heavy bolters and an Autocannon mean they should be reasonably effective against light to medium infantry with the plasma weapons enabling them to have a fighting chance against heavier stuff and light vehicles.

the aspiring champion was built from my old multimelta havoc, which was a particularly crude conversion, even by my standards, not to mention a illegal weapon choice. Instead he recieved an ornate plasma pistol from the SM commander sprue and a loyalist chainsword. The regular Bolter havoc remains pretty much unchanged, apart from a bit of extra detail and paint touch ups. The back banner is there so I can chose to run the squad with or without an icon bearer.

Plasma and Autocannon Havocs, whilst the Autocannon havoc was built stock, the plasma havoc had some minor conversion work, I had had the old plasma gun / cannon knocking around in my bits box for years waiting for a suitable recipient, I've no idea what's it's from (it's lead) but I'm quite pleased with the end result. Some very crude green stuffed tentacles and a skull helmet make him look quite menacing IMHO.

Lastly are the two heavy Bolter Havocs, one is just a standard heavy Bolter mini, whilst the second (seen in earlier post) has some necromunda orlock bit thrown into the mix.
Throughout the squad I've tried to mix in some regular space marine parts, arms backpacks etc to try and add a variety and make the chaos dudes look less uniform in appearance.

The second squad is now half finished, so more updates soon....

Heavy Support - Havoc squad.
x6 Havocs (88)
Mark of Slaanesh (12)
Plasma pistol (15)
x2 Heavy Bolters (20)
Autocannon (10)
Plasma gun (15)
Icon of excess (30)
Total - 190pts

Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Inquisition - Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Here is the inquisitor for my small warband of daemon hunting ordo malleus. To be honest I didn't have a great deal of enthusiasm for the task and I think this is quite evident in the paint job.
It's always dangerous ground when I feel I'm painting (finishing) because I should, rather than because I want to.

I haven't had a lot of inspiration for painting the last couple of months, but I'm feeling the need to press on with the warp fiends CSM now my disappointment in the new codex and minis has subsided somewhat, so hopefully one way or the other I'll get enough done to post more than one shoddy character a month, which has been my total output for the past couple.