Saturday, 3 August 2013

Badab war - Astral Claws Tyrants Legion Arch Centurion

Although ive already painted a centurion as the HQ choice for my tyrants legion forces, I fancied making a second, more ornate mini to act as my warlord. Regular reader might remember seeing the body for this on one of my WIP posts a while back.

He's a simple kitbash utilising a metal master of the watch body, with a backpack and auspex hand from the plastic devestator kit and a forgeworld mk4 maximus command head. I mounted him on a 40mm base to give him a bit of height and presence over his minions.

Unlike my first centurion, whos a 'get stuck in and split some wigs' kind of guy, I imagine this centurion as an aloof commander, watching from a vantage point and coordinating/directing the auxillia forces and artillery from afar.