Sunday, 9 November 2014

Reinforcements inbound - Warp Fiends squad

Despite my lack of blog updates I've actually been doing quite a bit on the hobby front recently.... 
Half way through my third and most ambitious gang yet for nuclear renaissance I hit a bit of a wall in terms of motivation and so decided to move my attention over to the warp fiends, sat unloved for many moons with only two squads of Havocs and a basic Lord completed.

Rather pleased with myself after converting my post apocalyptic cannibals I thought I'd try and knock up a basic troop choice of chaos marines from the bits and bobs I had to hand.... Like the Havocs they're very rough and ready and definitely only 'tabletop' standard, but fill in one of my mandatory FOC selections.

Six strong (holy number) with a meltagun, when writing my final list I'll prob swap the aspiring champion with the power sword wielding champ from the Lascannon Havocs for obvious reasons.
Coming in at 125pts With the power sword, meltagun and mark of Slaanesh they're a fairly cheap little assault unit.

Champion and renegade

Traitor and melta gunner

Heretic reavers 

More nuclear renaissance and some noise marines coming up soon!