Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nuclear Renaissance - Rogue Cop and MRP Interceptor.

"Oh what a day, what a lovely day!" - Nux the half life War boy.

So for starters... Yes I went and saw Fury road. Some people are massive fanboys for marvel, or star wars or Star Trek etc etc but the mad max trilogy is prehaps my favourite series of films, I am well known to bore all my friends with my evangelical love of mad max 2 'the road warrior'.

As a massive fan  I was definitely apprehensive pre viewing, despite the amazing trailers and rave reviews....I had high hopes and low expectations, after all for every Star Trek there's a robocop (damn you) and was worried that any calibre of movie might fail to live up to of 20years of febrile daydreaming what another mad max film might actually consist of.

Thankfully I enjoyed it very much, it was, in a word, relentless, a superb tour de force for the skill and craft of both George Miller and the stuntman and a great action movie in its own right. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Even my other half, who only likes Christmas films and romantic comedies and is well known for falling asleep in the cinema stayed wide awake (it was VERY loud) and confessed to actually quite enjoying it!

not to say I don't have a couple of minor quibbles, but mostly the kind that would be completely irrelevant to all but the most hardened fan...

Anyways I was inspired to finish up the reinforcements for the 'road warriors' gang. 'Rogue Cop' and the MRP interceptor. Here is a shot of the car in the first movie I took my inspiration from.

The basis for the car was a cheap 1:43 mk1 ford Capri off eBay, which has a very similar shape to the Australian cars. It does however look tiny lined up next to the mustang!

It received a similar treatment to the pursuit car with rear fuel tanks (guard flamer backpack) mesh side windows, a top rail made from RT era rhino bumper and part of a G.I joe's radio as a siren. The front splitter was cut from a guard dozen blade just like the mustang.

Unlike the mustang I decided to beef up the tiny wheels and give it more of a drag/muscle car stance.
The front pair are small Lego wheels tucked up into the arches, the floorpan was cut out at the rear to accommodate a big pair of Lego rear wheels in a 'tubbed' drag racing fashion.

The hood blower is actually the centre piece of an old metal dark elder hellion skyboard with some green stuffed piping to hide where I cut the wings off.

Rogue cop is a miniature from a discontinued line 'bitume future shock' it had some cool if very dated in today's time minis, some of which are still available from prince August. 
Unfortunately not this chap, I found him on eBay and snapped him up, he was missing the rifle barrel which was fixed with a laspistol muzzle, and I added an guard ammo pack to disguise an ugly part of the sculpt / cast at the rear that makes his backside look really weird and ill defined!

I'm pretty pleased with this pairing, he still fits in with 'Road judge' whilst looking a little more worn down and road weary, a man with perhaps more in common with the road crazy gangers he hunts than his own colleagues in the force.

Anyway thanks for visiting and hopefully another update in less than a month this time!