Monday, 5 November 2012

Badab war... Astral Claws Work in progress.

A quick update on the Astral Claws. Apologies for the rubbish photos... I will try and get some better ones with the finished units.
Here are the Retaliators I have finished. The Sergeant is now undercoated and awaiting paint and I need to sort out another combat shield arm for the final trooper in the 5 man squad. I hope to have the squad finished in the next week to ten days.
And a couple of members of the (to be) fifteen strong Cohort. I want to put a lot less gold and detailing on the bulk of the squad. To represent them being the newly recruited neophytes that pushed the astral claws numbers into the thousands, the sergeant, however is a hoary old veteran, he's almost finished on the paint front, just a couple more details and the base to do. I also have my centurion and corpse taker assembled. But I think I'll put off painting them till I've got a few more regular marines painted.

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