Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ordo Malleus Interrogator.

I got the chance to do a bit of painting today; I was a bit sick of painting astral claws, my (already low) standard of painting definitely drops as I get towards the tail end of a lot of similar minis ( ie my legion cohort ) so I thought I'd paint something different that I had a bit of enthusiasm for. I've enjoyed reading eisenhorn and ravanor (got into them quite late!) And I'm looking forward to reading pariah over Christmas and I've had a few minis knocking around to form the basis of a couple of inquisitorial warbands for ages. I've just never gotten round to them. I'm sure many of you know how it is! The first miniature I've tacked is this henchman I bought off eBay very cheaply. He's a really characterfull chap. Really quite a hefty metal mini for a non character. And absolutley packed with details, if you're an expert painter this is one model you can really go to town with, but if your like me, and more used to painting with a limited colour palette to a basic tabletop standard, he's really quite difficult. I had to really think about what colours I was using and where they would be repeated to avoid him looking like a complete mess. I didn't want his to look overtly religious. Despite the big staff and brazier, so I ended up painting his robes to look like my Commissar's leather stormcoats, which I think gives him a more grizzled feel. All in all I'm really pleased with him, but I might go back and redo the blue highlights especially on the chest gem/lens thingy.

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