Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Inquisition - Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Here is the inquisitor for my small warband of daemon hunting ordo malleus. To be honest I didn't have a great deal of enthusiasm for the task and I think this is quite evident in the paint job.
It's always dangerous ground when I feel I'm painting (finishing) because I should, rather than because I want to.

I haven't had a lot of inspiration for painting the last couple of months, but I'm feeling the need to press on with the warp fiends CSM now my disappointment in the new codex and minis has subsided somewhat, so hopefully one way or the other I'll get enough done to post more than one shoddy character a month, which has been my total output for the past couple.


  1. He's nice, I like him.

    Going back to black ink; windsor and newton do decent inks as well; similar coverage etc to the old GW inks (still not got through mine yet :) )

  2. Thanks!
    He's definitely not one of my best (though that's not saying much) but I'm a little happier with the end result now he's stood next to his little reunite.

    Thanks for the ink suggestions as well any tips like these are much appreciated