Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Warp Fiends CSM - 2nd Havoc Squad

The 2nd Havoc squad for my Slaaneshi renegades has finally been completed, this squad is equipped for anti-tank / monstrous creature duties with three Lascannon and a missile launcher for a bit of flexibility, at the 1000pt level I'm aiming for with the warband this squad should be able to pose a serious threat to almost any unit it faces, the major downside being inefficiently expensive per marine  another large proportion of my 1000pts eaten up by six models.

First up the champion, as seen in the original incarnation of my Havocs, he's an old space wolf scout, one of the originals I believe, another of the old survivors that I've owned for nearly twenty years...
Definitely a veteran of the long war!

Icon bearer / regular marine, a quick kit bash of leftover bits and bobs including skaven, space wolf and possessed parts to create a model that May or may not be an icon bearer depending how the finalised list pans out.

Standard Lascannon havoc....

Havoc with old Imperial army Lascannon and skaven tail tentacles....

Havoc built from mainly imperial parts (recent convert) with another old Lascannon....

Missile launcher Havoc, with an imperial head and abbaddon style topknot that's either elder of equine in origin! Not 100% sure!

Apologies for the crummy flash photos, no sunlight outside of working hours at this time of year!

Heavy Support - Havoc Squad
x6 Havocs (88)
Mark of Slaanesh (12)
Power weapon (15)
x3 Lascannon (60)
Missile launcher (15) w/ flakk missiles (10)
Icon of excess (30)
x1 close combat weapon (2)
Total - 232 points

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