Saturday, 7 March 2015

WIP - Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

Just a quick update with what I've been messing around with, a slaaneshi sorcerer for my Warp Fiends CSM warband, along with a Spell familiar.

Not so much an 'inspired conversion' as much as having both a leftover noise marine body and a grim determination to stick bits onto it until it looked wizardy enough!

I'm well aware the combi bolter is a bit of a crap equipment choice rules wise, as I'm paying 3pts to lose my 'free' pistol and CCW attack in return for a very marginal increase in firepower.... I just thought it looked cool.

Spell familiars seem to be a must have for any self respecting evil space wizard so I quickly knocked one of those up from a skink's head, a Genestealer's claw and a Skaven tail, I think he looks a bit like a fish out of water!

Hopefully I'll have a painted mini to show soon...

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