Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tyrant's Legion objective marker and army update

There's not been much hobby activity at all from me over the last month.
I won't bore anyone with the mundanities save to say more pressing concerns have kept me from any hobby time.

However I have spent a little time cobbling together an objective marker for my tyrants legion.

Wine bottle foil, cocktail sticks, greenstuff and a few broken bits and bobs later and I have a rather battle scarred standard of the IV Demi legion.

The Latin reads 'invictus ferociter' roughly translating as 'invincible defiance' 

At the base is an eviscerated Fire Hawks space marine, waiting for my Corpse taker to plunder his Gene seed!

Although rather crude it was a fun little thing to knock up and will look cool as an objective marker for my army to defend or recover... 'The relic' anyone?

I also acquired and painted the final two rogue trader guardsmen necessary to complete my mandatory 20 strong Auxillia unit, this gives me a FOC legal skirmish force at an approximately 750pt level.

The HQ choices consist of a pair of centurions, one with power axe and meltabombs (warlord) the other with a power fist and storm Bolter.

Elites are a five strong squad of Retaliators including melta gunner and power axe, and a corpse taker apothecary with two Servitors.

Taking up a fast attack slot is a single deep striking sentry gun with a multimelta.

Troops are taken care of by the compulsory twenty strong unit of auxilia, up gunned with a pair of heavy stubbers, and a fifteen strong cohort of space marines with missile launcher, heavy bolter, meltagun and combi melta.

I have about 280pts to spend to get the army up to a 1000pt level and I'm thinking of a single tank as a centrepiece, possibly a thunderer or medusa, plus some more 'human' infantry, as the army's a bit space marine heavy to fit with the background at this point in my opinion.
Any ideas?

Thanks for looking....hopefully not so long till my next update!


  1. Looking good man - that force has a ton of character to it. Awesome work!

  2. Nice work on the objective marker. I really like it! Your force looks good but, like you've said, it needs more cannon fodder- I mean human auxilia ;)

    1. Thanks! Yes it's definitely weighed in favour on power armour at the moment. My excuse is that after painting many cadians and catachans space marines were a nice change of pace. Plus aquiring rogue trader guardsmen at a reasonable price point has proved harder than anticipated (I'm very tight fisted when in comes to hobby!) Hopefully a 'guard' vehicle and another squad... perhaps some armsmen or marauders will even things up visually.

  3. Now that is a freaking epic banner! Fantastic!!!!!! I love it.

  4. The old "wine bottle foil banner" hey? There's no school like the oldschool is there :)

    Looks the ducks guts Phil!

    1. Thanks again! Yeah I was channeling hazy memories of early nineties editions of white dwarf when I knocked it up!

      Plus I am a bit tight when it comes to toy soldiers!

    2. Tight fistedness is the mark of a true man.....fact! :)