Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Veteran Squad Two - Fire support team. 31st Royal Kaylan Lancers

Troops choice no2 for the lancers, a mechanised infantry squad equipped for fire support with a missile launcher, plasma gun and grenade launcher.

A pretty standard squad, the vox operator is the mortar gunner mini, the trooper with a grenade launcher is the old griffon mortar gunner with added command sprue plastic bits.

I didnt have any 60mm bases spare, my local flgs doesnt stock them, theyre direct only from gw and seem to be quite expensive on the well known auction site that ive banned myself from for now. So I took the opportunity to use up one of the 40mm bases I had over from my astral claws project for the missile team.
I thought they might look a bit squashed but I think it turned out ok ( I dont think you'd fit one of the old wheeled autocannon and loader on one though) not strictly legal. But if anyone was feeling pedantic I could always mount it on a 60mil card template.

The squads apc is also equipped for stand-off fire support, forgoing the point defense of a pintle mount for anti-armour capacity in the form of a Hunter-Killer missile system.

Veteran squad -70pts
Vox caster -5pts
Missile launcher -15pts
Plasma gun -15pts
Grenade launcher -5pts
Chimera -55pts
HK missile -10pts
Total -175pts

When I get some time over the weekend I'll try and get a decent group photo of the lancers so far.

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