Saturday, 16 February 2013

WIP update. consequences of a short attention span

Despite the lack of posts or any finished units to show, I have actually been making pretty good progress by my standards this last week or so, The Imperial guard lancers have been taking up the bulk of my time, and since my last post Ive assembled and almost finished painting the armies third and final chimera.

t still needs a bit of touching up but is most of the way there now, as woth all my chimeras the lasguns have been replaced with firing ports. To complete the first 1000pts of lancers all I need to do is finish the last three troopers of squad two, ive progressed a fair bit from the photo but just ran out of time to have any hope of getting them finished today.

Also half painted and missing a head, hand and pack is an alternative Astral Claws centurion based on the master of the watch. I have a specific idea for this guy, but need some equally specific bitz to complete him, and im trying tostay off ebay at the moment so he prob wont see the light of day anytime soon (note that I started painting this centurion - which I cant finish - when I allready have a perfectly serviceable centurion completed, instead of finishing the last members of the space marine cohort - no wonder I never get anything done.

Lastly are the troopers of a Cadian Special duties detachment assigned to the ordo Hereticus, the vox/auspex operator just needs his ruined wall base painting.

ill be cracking on with the last three old school cadians as soon as I get the chance, finishing them will mean I hita special goal... to have a codex/foc legal guard army, at a playable size (just shy of 1000pts), all from one regiment. Up till now ive had to mix and match finished units from my three regiments (militia/lancers/engineers) to make a legal force. The plan is for the lancers to end up at 1250pts so theres plenty of room for a couple of sentinels and maybe a salamander/giffon/hydra or two.

P.s ive finally worked out how to put page breaks in text on a post (im a technophobe - very imperial) so im slowly going to go back and break up some of the massive chunks of texts in my earlier posts to make them more readable.

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