Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ordo Hereticus - Warrior Acolytes.

The first three of five warrior acolytes for my ordo hereticus inquisitor. Part of a Cadian special duties detachment. In the 40k background, cadian troops are often seconded to inquisitors due to their steadfast nature and excellent (by imperial guard standards) training. Young, ambitious junior officers will often resign their platoon commissions to volunteer for special duties detachments, the risks are many, but for those who survive, service can be a fast track to promotion. It is almost a prerequisite for joining Cadian joint Intelligence to have served on at least one special duties tour.

First a basic laspistol and chainsword acolyte. He has a forgeworld head, plastic tank commander legs and a backpack from the catachan command set.

Next up is this sour faced dude, equipped with a modified bolter. He has a forgeworld head and a necromunda van saar heavy stubber backpack (a rack of magazines)

Thirdly is the squads vox/auspex operator, unlike the others, which are 40k cannon fodder, this trooper will be part of my Inq28 warband, so I spent a bit more time painting him and gave him a base to match my inquisitor. He is based on a forgeworld torso and catachan legs, with a head from the catachan command set and a pack cobbled together from a voxcaster and chimera bits.

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