Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIP Inq28 Ordo Hereticus Henchman.

Just a quick post, I didnt have much enthusiasm for finishing the remaining members of the cadian security detachment,so I thought id do a bit of work on another mini specifically for my inq28mm warband.

Based on a frateris militiaman, im determined to learn how to use greenstuff for conversions and im going to try and sculpt a new hand and add some detail to what is a pretty blank canvas as far as a GW mini goes.

Ive also started to give him a beard to go with his shaggy mane of hair.

Im not really sure where im going with him yet as far as an overall archetype goes. Apart from waving some sort of warrant and brandishing a stubber. Any suggestuon for what sort of character I should try and make are very welcome!

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