Sunday, 16 February 2014

Badab war - Tyrant's Legion Corpse Taker.

Adding to the ranks of the Tyrant's legion is this Corpse taker unit consisting of apothecary vivisector and two dissection Servitors... First up is the apothecary,

When it came down to painting him, I decided against the full white armour of the traditional apothecary and gave him a 'standard' claws paint scheme with a few relevant bits picked out in white....I wanted something darker and more in keeping with his role as gene-snatcher, I didn't see my corpse taker as being part of the astral claws chapter apothecaron; but instead as perhaps a particularly fanatical Follower of Huron promoted to the role. The oversized chainsword is from a sentinel walker and I reckon the rebuilt cyber-face adds to the whole mad doctor/butcher vibe.

I had originally intended to get some of GW's servitor minis, but spurred on by building the sentry gun recently and as at the moment, hobby funds are hard to justify (plus Servitors are quite pricy whether new or on ebay) I decided to try and knock a couple together out of the contents of my bits box.
Sifting through parts I was initially sceptical about being able to make anything remotely convincing from the limited parts at hard but often find that the best method is just to start cutting things up and sticking them together, and see what you end up with.

Both started off with a pair of space marine legs with sentinel parts for the torsos and then a whole bunch of random stuff thrown on top. Lascannon power feeds were used for thick bundles of 'mechandrites', imperial vehicle and space marine accessories, a chaos terminator chain fist, the barrel and pipe from a meltagun, several flamer tanks and a fanatic Van saar gangers head also found their way into the mix. Admittedly neither are going to win me any awards but I think they're both recognisable as Servitors with chain blades and it's always quite satisfying to make something individual for nowt' 

Elites choice no2... 'Corpse Taker' - Apothecary Vivisector & x2 Dissection Servitors - 50pts

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