Sunday, 17 August 2014

Nuclear Renaissance - Terrain - Sweaty Bert's Roadkill Diner

A quick terrain piece for nuclear renaissance, a roadside diner for the hungry traveller.
Basically just a cardboard box with some holes cut in, mounted to a piece of wood, with a load of crap stuck on top. Not visible in the photo is the animal boneyard at the back, made from plastic undead mounts.

"Wishin' y'all a warm radback welcome to Sweaty Bert's infamous Roadkill diner, you kill it, we grill it, excludin' human flesh of course! Dingo, dawg, coyote, roo, possum, snake, mew-tater we do it all!"


  1. Replies
    1. Sweaty Bert turn and looked the dusty stranger up and down disparigingly with his one good eye...

      "Boy, siza dem rats round dese parts, you gon be needen' yesself a pike"

      Again the single beady eye made a cold appraisal of the lone traveller, heavy armed and dressed in worn, patched leathers....

      " An a sturdy one at that!"