Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nuclear Renaissance - Terrain - Holocaustian hovel

'Every wastelander's shack is his bunker'

Another quick and easy piece of post apocalyptic terrain, this time a generic wasteland shanty dwelling.

Made from a small cardboard box with wood stuck on top. Other bits used include undead skeletons and a warhammer quest rat for flavour, lego tyres, an inner chimera hatch for a front door, rhino front panel for a window and an toy X - wing's laser does duties as some sort of antenna or chimney.

Who knows what happened to the unfortunate occupants, killed by raiders, poisoned by bad moonshine or just the inevitable consequences of long term irradiation.


  1. Hey, this looks great! I need to scavenge more Lego bits for terrain ... every time I see a piece used in a terrain project, it looks fantastic!