Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nuclear Renaissance - Drifter and 'Bandicoot' buggy

"Once I was a cop, a road warrior searching for a righteous cause...." 'Mad' Max Rockatansky

The latest character for NR I've completed is the Drifter and his half track buggy 'bandicoot'

Drifter is a mini from em4's future skirmish line 'road hero' a great sculpt packed with character and definitely channeling Mel Gibson in beyond thunderdome. He was a real pleasure to paint, you could almost say he painted himself but that's inspiration for you...

The only change I made to the model was to chop off his right hand, holding a slightly futuristic looking weapon described as an 'autoshotgun' and replace it with a combat knife hand from an old frateris militiaman. 
The chief reason I did this is that in NR firearms are hugely expensive, a shotgun for example costs as much as a naked hero, two goons and a truck for them all to ride in.

As he had a pistol tucked into his belt along with the one in his left hand I elected to lose the shotgun, I guess I just like to try and keep things as WYSIWYG as possible (the holstered and unusable pistols on road judge and rogue cop bother me far too much!!!)

The buggy started out like as a corgi earthmover, cutdown to a bare chassis and engine block, a vw beetle was cut at the firewall and grafted on top as a cabin, and the tracks are from a gorkamorka wartrakk. 
The rest is just an amalgamation of assorted crap, the grille is a fuel tank from a toy motorbike, the supercharger built from Lego, guard dozen blade supports and chocolate coin foil.
The front suspension are cut down toy x-wing fighter laser cannons and the exhaust pipes are the little plastic tubes for the end of paintbrushes.
You can't see it in the photos but underneath I built a propshaft and gearbox/axle just in case anyone turns it over!

I'm not sure whether this character / car pairing will last as not only am I now thinking the Bandicoot needs a more 'nux and slit' style crew, plus I've got the urge to build Drifter either a mean muscle car in the razor cola vein or perhaps a camel wagon-esque truck, sans camels of course!

Thanks for looking, stay tuned for more post apocalyptic 28mm if your eyes can bear my shoddy craftmanship!


  1. "Stay tuned for more post apocalyptic 28mm if your eyes can bear my shoddy craftmanship!" - Yes please! Can't wait. The buggy looks amazing, but I think the character stands out this time. I like how you converted and painted Drifter, especially the face. Didn't know the miniature, but it looks really interesting.

    1. Cheers Steve!
      I'd definitely recommend em4's future skirmish line... great mark copplestone sculpts and only £1.50 each... they even do some bikers.

  2. Awesome work, man! The buggy is an inspired bit of kitbashing, and the Drifter mini is excellent - good stuff!

  3. Great kit bashing on the buggy. Good idea aboutthe weapon swap on Max.