Saturday, 4 July 2015

Nuclear Renaissance - the 'Bronze' gang, MRP Patrol bike and vehicleWIP's

"So long as the paperwork's clean, you boys can do what you like out there" - Captain Fifi McAfee

Finished painting the Main Road Patrols's biker so thought I'd post up a quick group shot.
They're nearly at the point of being a fully fledged gang in their own right now, although there should be more to come...the Drifter desperately needs a black pursuit special, plus I want to do a 'Barry' and possibly another driver so Road Judge and Rogue cop might actually get to fire off their expensive rifles once in a while.

So here we have 'Swan' riding his patrol bike, my shameless rip off of Jimmy the Goose. In game he will be the teams medic with few upgrades apart from his basic bike, hopefully he can loiter in the backfield and use his speed and mobility to both avoid hostiles and zoom over to wounded comrades when necessary.
I have to be honest and say I'm not very happy with the paintjob on him, although I couldn't get a decent photo and he doesn't look 'quite' as bad as the close up pic suggests... However i went far too heavy with the washes and I really should have realised to paint the bike and rider separately and not assemble him in a childlike burst of enthusiasm (that soon wore off... it was a PITA to put together considering there's only four pieces) but unless I really get the urge that's how he's staying for now. There are a couple of little bits that came out ok, he has a helmet stripe that matches Road judges and I cut up some imperial guard transfers to create an 'MRP' on the rear panniers.

Finally a suitably blurred and grainy work in progress shot of some more wasteland vehicles I've been working on, neither are quite built yet but you get the drift.

Thanks for visiting, hopefully another  NR update soon!