Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nuclear Renaissance - Fury Road Rip-off Razor Cola.

"You FILTH! You Traitor... to HIM!" 
- Slit the War Boy.

In previous posts Ive mentioned my desire to build a muscle car for nuclear renaissance based on either the iconic mad max pursuit special 'Interceptor' or its reincarnation at the gnarled hands and feverish minds of the War boys as the pumped up Razor Cola war rod.

Both had their appeal, a black pursuit special would fit right in with my MRP gang as the perfect vehicle for the 'Drifter' but the memory of Fury road was still simmering away at the back of my brain,
I was somewhat bemused by the perfunctory, off hand way the pursuit special was killed off at the start of the film, but I should've seen the clue a minute or so later when max vaults over his car under repair by some startled citadel mechanics as he attempts a frantic escape.

The reborn Falcon, in my opinion, is in its own way equally as epic as its predecessor, turning the dial up to 11 spinal tap style with some Kama-Krazy war boy madness!
The Razor Cola it its then...

Here are a couple of fury road concept artworks by amazingly talented artist Peter Pound (reproduced without permission) first up a mustang.... I thought about straight up copying this one...

Next up a super mean Holden, this thing just looks brutal don't you agree? But a buggy like this, with mounted machine gun, flamethrower and supercharged engine would come to well over a third of my available points for a 750pt gang!

A ford falcon I believe, minus the aftermarket Concorde nosecone that gave the original interceptor its distinctive snout, this picture is just so 'Blanchesque' to me and that is very much meant as a compliment! Just check out those skulls where the headlamps should be!
Plus I just love the guys mask in that one.

Concept for the Razor cola, in my opinion this is one of those rare examples where the real thing looks even better than the concept with its huge double stacked, skull tipped superchargers and triple zoomies.

First things first I acquired a Delprado Ford Mustang (broadly similar although I think another Capri might have made a better base car) Mustangs are fairly easy to come by in 1:43 and therefore one of the most likely toy muscle cars to find cheap at car boot sales and the like.

I didn't go for a straight up copy, opting instead to use some bits I already had that vaguely fit the bill.

There's no spike droppers in nuclear renaissance so instead I fitted a rear crash bar from a cannibalised toy pickup truck that fit perfectly and half an Gorkamorka fuel drum mounted as if to look as if the boot floors been cut out to mount a 200ltr drum as a long distance fuel tank.

I didn't want to replicate the speargun either due to the vast points expense of ranged weapons in NR
so instead I went for a wingback car seat in the boot (an extra seat upgrade as vehicles in the buggy class only have two as standard) and a Nitrous system activated by a gearshift.

Larger front and rear wheels, side exhausts (although unfortunately not triple zoomies)
Plus a massive (single not double) supercharger with skull fetish.

I cut a plastic bracket, glued it into the grille and began to build up the bumper and front nosecone.

Mostly complete here, the headlamp covers were made from little rectangles of mesh wrapped in chocolate coin foil.

A few more details go on... some repair patches, the roof spoiler and just a little stowage on the back of the rear seat consisting of a backup knife and some pouches.

Once undercoated I decided it needed more patches!

Painted up and ready to reave!

Nitrous system

Rear end...

I had a bit of a disaster painting up this mini with the washing stage, my nuln oil dried in the most bizarre manner, as an cloudy opaque white in horrible patches wherever it had pooled...
Can anyone offer an explanation as to why this has happened?

The bottles not even that old, less than six months I think and still 1/3rd full.   

This has never happened to me before with any washes even ancient old ones like ten year old bottles of black Ink!

I definitely think GW's paint quality has gone downhill, pictured above are two pots of GW paint circa 1997-98 ish that are still as fresh the day they were born, whereas I have newer paints that have dried up within a few weeks of being opened, perhaps the horrible current design of bottles that suffer from paint build up and subsequent lack of an airtight seal at the hinge are a factor... 

I should've taken photos at this point but I was so appalled at having ruined all my work that I immediately started remedial work with shed loads of black glaze and a heavier weathering stage than normal. Still, every time I pick it up I find more annoying little cloudy white spots in odd places, but in general I'm fairly satisfied with the rescue effort.

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed the post, any comments , suggestions or feedback very welcome.... 

P.S I'm struggling to come up with a name for my Razor Cola rip off, any suggestions please?


  1. That is fantastic, man! Beautifully done from start to finish - I feel ya on the weird washes, I've had a few act similarly over the years with no real explanation. Looking forward to seeing more NR stuff!

    1. Thanks very much Mordian... lots more already finished and more to come.
      It's just finding the time to write up the posts... when I've got hobby time, fiddling, gluing and painting tend to win out.

      Hoping the conversation with Dave Taylor you mentioned on your blog recently means we might see a car or two from yourself at some point?
      I would absolutely love to see your take on the subject.
      You have a vibrant painting style and an eye for creating paint schemes with interesting choices of contrasting and complimentary colours that I think would make for some truly eye catching post apocalyptic minis.

  2. Awesome work, love it! Thanks for showing how you got there, too. Very informative and I really dig your use of chocolate coin foil. :)

    1. Thanks!!! Chocolate coin foil wrappers are great. If you can remember to save a couple at Christmas time they have a multitude of uses... even more so for medieval or bretonnian projects as they're usual embossed with fleur de lis all over them.

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  4. The mustang looks great! Maybe your best motor so far, at least in my opinion. The paint job is terrific, even though your nuln oil let you down (I have no explanation for that) - I like the highlights and that the colors are more brighter then before. Again, awesome work! As for the name, what about "Rise and shine!"?

  5. Thanks Steve! Love the name idea, it's really got something of the 70's show car/ hotwheels flavour to it! Am I right in thinking it's 'Rise' for the suspension lift and 'shine' for the bare metal bodywork? If so that's very clever!

    1. Nah, I'm not that clever. But in fact you're right about "shine" ;) - I thought of "Rise" because of its previous reincarnation (and did you notice the word 'car' in reincarnation?) ...

  6. What a great conversion! The thick tin foil looks like a win for an old kitbasher like me.

    Regarding the ink, The newer stuff has more matting agent than the older one's, hence why the older examples dry super shiny. The matte finish on the newer stuff is attained by adding talc. But, as you have discovered, sometimes the ratios can be a little skewed or the talc ends up coming out of solution.

    You could just get some artists ink, put up with the gloss effect, then hit it with a matte varnish after? Might be worth considering?

    Cheers Phil :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words again! Regarding the washes that's interesting information. Unfortunately I threw it away and bought another one. If it happens again at least I'll have some options now.

      Are you working on some post apocalyptic stuff yourself? If you have your own blog or thread somewhere I'd love to see it.
      MattblackGod who has commented on heres blog is really worth checking out if you haven't seen it already. It's given me plenty of inspiration and ideas!

    2. Hi Phil,

      Yeah, I've got my own blog thingy

      No post apocalyptic stuff, mostly just kitbashing and Rogue Trader 40K odds & sods :)