Saturday, 4 June 2016

Reinforcements Inbound - Warp Fiends Helbrute

It's been nearly a year since my last post.
Fatherhood, work and all other aspects of real life have conspired to push hobby time into the background.
However here I am posting and hoping to ease myself back into a little painting and modelling over the next few months.

I still have nuclear renaissance gangs to finish and the rumoured upcoming release of a chaos codex late in 2016 has given me a little kick to start work on the Warp Fiends again.

For Starters here is a dreadnought / Helbrute that I actually purchased off eBay for greggles tabletops excellent 'dreadtober' event last year.
Unfortunately he never arrived in time for me to get him painted and entered into the competition.

This old, rather awkward mini was well in need of replacement by the time the new plastic brutes arrived, although to my eyes he has a certain dated charm, perhaps coloured by a nostalgia for my younger years!

At least he's got a decent loadout with reaper autocannon and the  power scourge, plus he makes a nice mini - centerpiece for my otherwise all infantry CSM at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully less than 10 months till my next post!


  1. Hey, it's been a while. I'm not really into Chaos, but glad you're back. Looking forward to see some nuclear renaissance gangs again! - Cheers!

    1. Thanks Steve, will have some NR terrain posted up soon and hopefully will soon start on painting some vehicles I made last year.