Monday, 15 August 2016

Help Needed! Bitz trade?

Well having completely failed in making up the next batch of terrain for nuclear Renaissance ut of sheer lack of motivation, I've decided to take a side turn and veer off back into inq28 for a bit.

As I've mentioned before, when I get hobby apathy I find the best thing to do is make servo skulls! I hit a bit of a roll and ended up with two melee combat skulls and another hunter/auspex unit... more on these soon.

On to the true subject of this post... I'm after a few specific bits for some inq28 conversions and unfortunately disposable income is a little tight for plastic crack at the moment.
What I'd usually do at this point is put a couple of (possibly) interesting things on eBay to fund said purchases. However I had the idea to put this out to the community to see if anyone was willing to part with the bits I need (want) in exchange for item (s) from my little list below?
Obviously if you live in siberia or on the other side of the world (I'm in the uk) it's probably not going to be economically viable with postage but have a look and drop me a message if you're interested!

The bitz I am after are....

These heads.... from....
Marauder horseman, Cadian command. Empire Greatswords, skitarii.

This particular autogun cultist from deathwatch overkill.

The hammer, key and noose from the flagellant kit. Sorry no pics.

This blackpowder pistol and pouch from the empire pistoleers.

And finally a couple of Cadian vox caster kits.

Sorry to the people whose pics I shamelessly ripped off Google image search.

The things I have to offer in exchange are...

Rogue trader inquisitor in terminator armour.

Rogue trader chaos terminator with autocannon.

Elder fire dragon exarch (special character?) Missing axe.

x3 metal flagellants

Leman Russian exterminator tank commander.

Ork with oxy torch . Would look great as a stompa/Gorkanaut crewman- requires plastic arm.

Well, fingers crossed for some swaps!
Thanks for stopping by.

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