Sunday, 12 May 2013

Badab war, Tyrants Legion Auxilia Update.

Its been a fair while since my last post, personal circumstances have left me with very little hobby time of late, but ive been plugging away at my legion auxillia as and when ive had the chance.

Here are the first thirteen of twenty total, including the squads prefect and both heavy stubbers.
They're a proper quick and dirty job and well below my usual (low) standard of painting, but im fairly satisfied with the end result for a tabletop unit of cannon fodder.

Ive really run out of steam as far as painting mass infantry goes, when painting becomes more of a chore than a pleasure its time to swap projects. Lucky ive got pleanty of unfinised projects then!


  1. Awesome! I always love seeing the old school guard models, makes me nostalgic for my first guard army way back in the day.

    Really love how those turned out - great work, mate!

  2. Thanks! I take that as a real compliment after seeing your funky yellow trimmed rogue trader guard. I really like these old school guardsmen minis, and think they fit well with the 'obsolete' nature of the auxillia.

    Who knows, when FW get round to releasing some horus heresy imperial army, maybe just maybe.....?!