Thursday, 23 May 2013

WIP INQ28 Sanctioned Regulator.

A little build diary of my WIP sanctioned regulator. A wasteland / underhive style lawman.

I started off with an idea in my head after seeing the Wyrd miniatures Malifaux male desperate mercenary that I could make a cool conversion, here he is is standard form....

I had heard that malifaux wasnt generally compatable with 40k due to the heroic 32mm being too big, but I thought id give it a blind punt anyway.

I'll admit I was a little put off when the model arrived, here's a scale comparison with the frateris militiaman that I've half given up on.

After a little cutting and chopping and adding a couple of the key parts I was a bit happier that this could be made to work. The head and hand are both from a bretonnian peasent bowman. The lumpen snarling, half obscured face and come hither gesture really work for me considering how out of context the bits are.

I added a respirator fed from a backpack and some seals to tie him in a little with his master Kadarski, a theme I'll continue with his paint scheme.

His main weapon is his trusty autogun held in a nonchalant manner by the same bretonian peasant's Bow hand.

With all the main bits on hes starting to look like quite a mean mutha!

Next up a scale comparison with a pair of cadian guardsmen, I dont think it looks too bad... he'll just have to be a very tall bloke.... void born? Low gravity world? In 40k the options are so varied I dont think its a proportionaly unworkable proposition.

Here is his 'dog' (counts as a cyber-mastiff) out of the depths of my bits box and from a time when squigs had fur and mohicans!

Both based up and nearly ready for paint... Looking at these pictures I noticed the spent cartridge cases were far too long and needed trimming down quite a bit.

Next shot is before trimming.

Here is after... probably still a bit long, but a little more in keeping with the size of the autogun's magazine.

I also added a chunky winged skull belt buckle, just to give him another 'obvious' 40k Reference and added a greenstuff tail to the back of his nasal bandanda...

The lastest batch of black cat bases I had bought were absolutely covered in skulls, im all for the odd skull here and there but didnt really fancy them all with skulls on so it was the perfect opportunity to convert up a trio of servo skulls to accompany my Regulator. This chap has a bubble round one eye socket that gives it a bit of a cybernetic look so he'll be the first candidate.

Here he is almost finished, the malifaux mercenaries pistol, a boltgun and some cadian binoculars sacrificed themselves to make the autopistol and propulsion.

Next up is a servo skull with a web pistol, I used a couple of flamers, part of a chimeras multilaser and a space marine boltgun scope to cobble together the webber. The cabling is also from a cadian flamer.

Lastly is a hunter skull, just a skull with a camera from the side of an old IG stormtrooper backpack stuck on the side, not sure where the tendril is from, it was just floating around in my bits box.

So here they all are together and ready for undercoating.

Im really looking forward to getting some paint on this lot, as well as daydreaming up some background and I'll update with my progress...


  1. Awesome work! Though the Malifaux mini started rather large in comparison, I honestly think it works rather well. Dig the servo-skulls as well, one can never have too many floating skulls!

    Looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

  2. Cheers! After hitting a bit of 'modeller's block' about what direction to go with my INQ28 warband after finishing the first two members, I really enjoyed building this little group.