Monday, 27 May 2013

Help Needed!

So for as long as I can remember ive been using a couple of pots of citadel black ink that ive had for what must be nearly a decade now.

Unfortunately after much use, inevitably time has taken its toll and my beloved black inks have separated into gloop and pigment.

No bother, off I went to buy a replacement, only to find out its no longer available.

A new (to me anyways) product - citadel shade 'nuln oil' was what I went home with.

Turns out I hate it, prehaps im rather stuck in my painting ways but I just cant get on with the stuff!
I had the same opinion about 'leadbelcher' vs the old boltgun metal and my pot of auric armour gold went in the bin a while back as is was such a thin runny separating mess.

Is it just me or are alot of these gw paints just not as good as they used to be?

So I thought id put out a little appeal out to the interweb....

What products (if any) are the closest thing to ye olde black ink?

Any help much appreciated!!!


  1. I've been pretty happy with the Army Painter "Dark Tone" as a replacement for the black wash GW used to have, but the black ink of yore was yet another tone stronger. You can usually get much the same effect with two coats of Dark Tone. Their "Strong Tone" is a pitch perfect recreation of the old Devlan Mud. I totally agree with you that Nuln Oil and whatever their replacement wash was for Devlan Mud aren't good matches for the washes they intended to replace...

    Hope that helps!

  2. This painting chart:

    Seems to suggest the Vallejo Game Colour Black Ink as a suitable substitute.

  3. Thanks guys... ill have to see if my local flgs stocks these...

  4. If you're still after some... Vallejo do "Black Ink" which is identical to the old GW stuff.