Monday, 27 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Growing the Gangcults #3 - the Couriers WIP

"No, we're good, we bang it!" - Imperator Furiosa...

The Couriers are a group of post apocalyptic hauliers and mercenaries for hire, delivering important messages and making dangerous supply runs between the remaining settlements.

So far I have completed trucker 'Stobart' and his rig, the 'Roadrunner' seen previously, plus the 'Possum', a light buggy typical of the 'Pool cars' used in fairly large numbers by the group, and finally 'Ronin', a tough, mysterious motorcycle courier on his crotch rocket 'Ninja'

The basis for the Possum buggy was another promotional kelloggs morris minor, with some very minor conversion work, the wheels were swapped out for larger ones (much larger at the back!) and some massive exhausts added to give it a pound shop hot rod feel. I also added an extra grille to toughen it up a little and some rear armour to aid in (not very) swift getaways. In game terms the possum will be a stock buggy with zero upgrades.

Ronin is another Future skirmish mini from EM4, like the police biker he's a bit of a pain to get together, but at least I didn't make quite as much of a mess on the paintjob with this guy as I did with my last bike.

The Couriers will be getting another biker, simply because I thought it was quite appropriate thematically, plus four or five crew for Possum and roadrunner.

Thanks for stopping by, any comments or suggestions much appreciated! Next up, the unscrupulous Swagmen.


  1. Two updates in two days? Amazing! Close up on the guy in the red shirt please! :)

    1. I'll admit to the buggy being done way before my break, I'd wanted to save all my finished NR stuff for completed gang posts, but that might be a while yet so thought I'd update on where I'm at with each gang, typical for me to approach the project in a scattershot fashion rather than do one gang at a time.

      There should be some better photos of stobart on the NR post 'road warriors starter gang' from a couple of years ago.

  2. Very cool. I love the Morris minor.

    1. Cheers Mattblack! I envision the morris as being all sound and fury before disintegrating on the slightest knock or sniff of a bullet.