Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Radioactive Ruins #1

"I'll be fine, as long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine" - Pre war music lyric.

First of a trio of small ruins.

The first objective with this group was to make some bits of terrain that could be placed individually or together as parts of a single building.

The second objective was (as with all the NR scenery) that it should be free and cobbled together from what I had to hand.

Like my previous small NR terrain pieces, I used old scratched up discs for the bases. The Ruins were made from bits of polystyrene packaging, I made a crap job of sealing the polystyrene before the undercoating so I suffered a fair bit of the dreaded melt but as these are quick pieces designed to be used and abused I shrugged it off and carried on.

This first ruin is the most substantial of the three and features a lookout post bodged together from car parts and scrap metal (all those leftover bits of diecast car are really coming in handy)
There is also a grisly pile of dusty bones piled up inside, perhaps victims of the lookouts occupants?

Painting all the Graffiti was lots of fun,  although it's definitely something I need to improve on in future, by the time I'd finished all three I'd found a few simple symbols I could reproduce quicly and easily across the trio (smile faces / skulls / mushroom clouds etc) that seemed to work well to break up the scrawled writing and insults.

Thanks for stopping by! Part two of three coming soon!


  1. Very cool! I've done some scavenged barricades in similar fashion, I'm reminded I need to add more of these kinds of details to my bigger scenery!

    I really need to check out NR, I have some necromunda gangs that I bet would fit in perfectly

    1. Thanks Ian, all those random bits you never thought you'd find a use for are perfect for stuff like this.

      Necromunda models would be a good fit, but you will end up with very small gangs as ranged weapons are prohibitively expensive to take more than a handful.

  2. I am loving this. Lots of detail. Great work.