Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nuclear Renaissance - Growing the Gangcults #2 - Locusts

"Be still my dog of war! l understand your pain. We've all lost someone we love. But we do it my way!" - The Humungous...

Another in a series focusing on the work in progress of the next four gangs for NR.

So far I've completed two gangs, the marauder 'Son's of simius' and the cannibal degenerates 'children of the apocalypse'

There will be three further gangs spun off the members of the 'good guys' road warrior group and this, the fourth and supposedly final gang are another group of raiders 'the locusts'.

So far we have a fast attack buggy in the form of the 'Panda Cola' fury road rip off car seen in a previous post, two gangers from the bitume future shock line, which I really love despite their dated feel, and last but not least, the Auroch, a high speed heavy truck that's basically my take on fury road's war rig if it was just a cab.

The Auroch was built from a car boot sale truck mated with the rear body of a 30's ford custom coupe, I'm quite pleased with the end result.

That's as far as I've progressed so far with this gang, coming soon... gang WIP's of the Couriers crew and the Swagmen posse. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great stuff. I love the minis and vehicles.

    Where did you get the blower for the Auroch?

  2. Thanks!

    A while back I picked up a cheap 3-pack of diecast cars in my local asda, I believe they were from a line called 'muscle machines' they are a funny scale bigger that hot wheels but smaller than the Disney cars 1:50 scale, and they all featured these huge outsized blowers and exhausts which still look huge on the 1:43 stuff.
    Was a great random buy, you can see another blower and exhausts from the same set on the panda cola car and I've used the last set on the black pursuit special I'm making.

  3. Wow! The new warriors are looking great and the "Auroch" has a charm all of its own. The colors work great! I like the brighter style. And in my opinion the "Panda Cola" is still one of your best works.

    1. Thanks very much steve, although I think the brighter style might be more to do with my photography having gone from appalling to merely piss poor.

      However this post apoc stuff has really changed my painting style over the past couple of years as its a great way to experiment when you don't need the uniformity of an army of space marines, I think I'm slowly getting better at rust anyhow.

  4. Great kitbashing again Phil! Love the weathering too :)