Sunday, 2 September 2012

2nd Platoon Command Squad. A Company, 17th Hive Chosin Indentured Militia

2nd platoon 'the sumpers' are commanded by lieutenant 'Angel' Ferrera a savage former gang leader from the western slope. Originally a corporal, Ferrera rose to platoon command in the field after lieutenant Yoiup lost both legs to a fragmentation grenade.
His promotion was a gesture to try and placate the gang elements in 2nd platoon; who had long resented taking orders from a fancy pants mid-hiver like Fernandos Yoiup.

Alfus kroner was a former unlicensed tech... some would even say a heretek. Tall, thin and pale with a cranium pock marked with black market implants, Alfus is fundamentally untrustworthy. But very usefull at keeping 2nd platoons ramshackle equipment running.

On the vox caster is Big Daine Zeba, a loud bully who tries to pick on the weaker troopers in the 17th.

Troopers Veroigin and Kussle man a tripod mounted lascannon, with which they have accounted for five archenemy armour units.

2nd platoons Commissar is Andrei Dapplow a teenage cadet given emergency promotion to meet the desperate need for discipline officers following the mass conscription at Chosin. Overly fond of harsh discipline and summary execution, probably to hide the fact he was absolutely terrified and out of his depth. Dapplow was wholeheartedly hated by his men. Reported killed at the battle for spire kop, rumours abounded that Dapplow was actually fragged by the men when they realised the end of the war was near.

Lt Ferrera is the old Orlock leader from the original box set. Back in the day I had cut off his Boltgun for a shotgun. So ironically I had to go back and find another bolter to graft on.

The vox operator is plastic catachan with a sentinel pilot control arm as a basic auspex. And a shoulderpad from the new chimera kit.

The trooper is 'brains' from colonel Schaefers last chancers, the lascannon gunner was made from bits from the plastic catachan command sprue and his loader relaxing on a rock is an old metal tank rider.

The commissar is an old rogue trader mini; his bolt pistol arm is from the new chimera kit... it's a little too big scale wise, but i think it just about passes muster (why a repressed teenage junior Commissar might have an overdeveloped right arm I don't know!).

A Company. 2nd platoon Command squad - 30pts basic -officer w/ boltgun +2pts -Commissar +35pts -Vox caster +5pts -Lascannon +20pts Total 92 points.

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