Sunday, 9 September 2012

Leman 'King' Russ Demolisher. 12th Kieler Armoured Pioneers.

Another tank that I picked up for five or six quid on eBay.

It had already received a well executed double track conversion and other bits and pieces including what I think is a space marine vehicle periscope/auspex thingy on the turret, Unfortunately it was missing some of the metal turret pieces and had the hull mount and one sponson armoured over with plasticard; the other sponson had a sentinel heavy flamer fitted.

I found another sentinel flamer in my bits box to match, added a hull heavy flamer and gave it a repaint. I decided to leave one panel in the original green as a tribute to its builder. (In fluff terms it would be a panel that's been hastily replaced after damage)

In game terms I count it as having extra armour (see drivers cab etc)and the double tracks as being a dozer blade ( I much preferred the old catch-all 'rough terrain modification' )

Leman russ Demolisher - 165pts basic, heavy flamer sponsons +20pts, extra armour +15pts, rough terrain mod/dozer blade +10pts. Total 210 pts

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