Sunday, 9 September 2012

Veteran Squad 1, Assault team, 31st Royal Kaylan Lancers.

Troops choice no1 for the Lancers.
A Mechanised infantry squad geared for close assault with a flamer and meltagun.
The only minor conversion is the demolition specialist, formerly a lascannon gunner with a forgeworld demo charge added, I thought his little remote control and glareglasses suited the role perfectly.

The chimera was built pretty much built out of the box. I've never liked the side lasguns on the chimera kits. They never look like they could traverse low enough to shoot at anything except flyers. Instead with my chimera I used a simple office hole punch to make some card discs which I could model open or closed; keeping the function of useable firing ports.

Veteran squad - 70pts basic. NCO w/ Bolt pistol +2pts. Vox caster +5pts. Meltagun +10pts. Flamer +5pts .Demolition specialists +30pts. Chimera w/ stormbolter +65pts. Total - 187pts.

...p.s in the background you can just about make out my WIP hive milita veteran squad, using the old last chancers ox as a sergeant Harker stand-in.

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