Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Traitor' Guard Veteran Squad, Brotherhood of Sin

When I bought a job lot of chaos bits recently, these were a lovely surprise, you couldn't really see them in the eBay photos under a pile of csm bodies and boltgun arms but lo and behold there were ten van saar gangers with greenstuffed gas hoods and a leader with a power fist from the old plastic eldar sprue.

In my opinion they were really nicely converted. Paint wise however they looked like they had originally been khornate cultists in a dark crimson scheme, but had been horribly overpainted at some point in a bright green nurgle type paintscheme. They took a lot of carefully stripping back, as I had to be carefull not to damage the Greenstuff heads.

In the end I was still left with a lot of red in the crevices. The only minor changes I made were to swap a plasma pistol back to a laspistol on one mini to make him into a 'regular' trooper.

One miniature had a multimelta (now carried by one of my havoc's) now he has a lasgun and a slightly oversized mace, and I added a skull to the leaders power fist for a bit of character.

I repainted them in a homemade purple mixed from blood red and regal blue. I think the green cabling works really well with the purple bodygloves and dark grey firearms to give them a corrupt, decadent, but well equipped and organised feel.

Originally I had thought they could be one of the new cultist squads in the 6th edition CSM codex, but after having checked out the rumors and scuttlebutt on the excellent faet212 blog, it doesn't appear that lowly cultists will be allowed such luxuries as powerfists, plasma pistols, or even meltaguns.
So instead they will become the mandatory troops choice in an 'traitor' guard 6th edition allied detachment; the Brotherhood of Sin.
I had thought about getting some more van Saar models off eBay and trying to model them to match. The plan being to end up with two veteran squads, and a command squad as a standalone miniforce. But the van saar models seem to fetch a premium, especially the more unusual ones like the plasma heavy and meltagun leader.
So instead I think I'll find an interesting mini to proxy as a primaris psyker / lord Commissar for the HQ choice. And a vehicle (or two)

Ive been looking at ramshackle games Gnu armoured transport and thinking it would make a great proxy chimera for traitor guard. If you haven't checked it out. I would recommend taking a look at their website. The new releases page has the best pictures of their recent range of resin vehicles and figure. I haven't actually bought anything from them yet. But I'm very tempted by a lot of their cool looking stuff that has a lot of 40k potential. Especially if you were building blood pact or similar and wanted a whole range of armoured cars/tanks to represent the urdeshi made vehicles in Dan abnetts excellent series of gaunts ghost books.

Veteran squad - 70pts basic. Champion with plasma pistol and power fist +25pts. Meltagun +10pts. Total 105pts.

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