Sunday, 9 September 2012

Warp Fiends - Havoc Squad

A couple of months back, in anticipation of the upcoming chaos codex, I bought a large job lot of chaos bits and pieces with the intention of putting together a small Slaaneshi / pirate warband. In this box of bits were a few plastic and metal csm bodies, a load of broken plastic bits and bobs; and most interestingly...a load of necromunda van-saar gangers converted to chaos cultists (more on them later!)...........After a hefty raid on my bits box, this squad of havocs was the end result.

The champion is an old space wolf scout. for the lascannon marine I found an old rogue trader imperial guard shoulder mounted lascannon which I really wanted to use as I thought it had a ancient, pre heresy look to it, like he's been carrying that cannon for centuries, his tentacles are actually two skaven tails.

The chap with the back banner has a bolter made which is actually half a stormbolter from the imperial guard chimera sprue. The severed hand is another skaven bit, as is his extra tentacle.

The heavy bolter marine has an arm and backpack from a necromunda orlock heavy. I built the multimelta havoc more out of wishfull thinking in regards to the upcoming codex than anything else. If havoc's can't be given multimeltas, I'll just have to count it as a (badly maintained) meltagun.

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