Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Company, 1st Platoon Command Squad.

1st Platoon's Command squad, led by lieutenant Ortis, formerly a labour-gang boss with a nice sideline in black marketeering.

He was made an officer by dint of already being a figure of authority to some of the men. He quickly gained a reputation as an man who could make front line life more bearable - at a price. Or one who could make a troopers life unbearable if they crossed him. Lazy, greedy and self serving. ortis was nonetheless a tough fighter and an effective combat officer, although this can probably by attributed to his highly developed sense of self preservation.

Ortis's lackey, crony and adjutant is Corporal Clendiz. Loyal as a cyber mastiff (as long as Ortis keeps him sweet with lho sticks and amnsec) Clendiz always has one ear to the vox caster, listening in on all sorts of restricted bandwidths to keep 'the loot' up to date on what the brass aren't telling.

Gunter Gosling is an ex-tracker and shooter on the wilderness beast caravans. A good shot and self sufficient fellow gosling is nonetheless an abject coward who has stayed out of harm's way by keeping his head down as much as possible.

T-Bar and Lenry operate the platoons anti tank gun... an old carriage mounted lascannon, they make a good gun crew together, although T-bar is increasingly resentful of lenry's endless jokes about his gang-juve background and feckless manner, reckoning himself a veteran and worthy of more respect. After all how many men can say they've killed a leman Russ?

Lastly is Commissar Bulgarin, originally posted to H company, in previous life Bulgarin was a desk bound bueurocrat, Passing his career as a counsel in court Martials. A dour man; sallow skinned and unfit from years of desk work, he earned the grudging respect of the men for his crude yet effective work with a chainsword, and his complete and utter disinterest in any and all matters of platoon discipline as long as it didn't make him look bad in front of Chief-Commissar Antaris.

That's the background stuff... the command squad consists of the old catachan lieutenant mini, the commissary is the mordian lieutenant miniature who I think makes a great alternative commissar.
The vox operator is the spotter from the metal lascannon team with a plastic vox-link. And he has been replaced on the gun crew by an necromunda Orlock juve.
The trooper is 'fingers' from the colonel Schaefers last chancers set.

A company 1st platoon command squad - 30points basic. -Officer w/ Boltgun +2Pts -Commissar +35pts -Vox-caster +5pts -Lascannon +20pts Total 92 points.

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